Monday, 28 January 2013

Horlick cookies

My sister was getting bored being in bed.  I can understand her situation perfectly as I was bedridden before.  When she show me a picture of the Doggie Cookie the other day, I knew exactly which recipe it was from.

Thus I set upon to prepare the dough so that she can play with it.  

This recipe I have tried some years back with my daughter.   It is another easy recipe to put together and a great way to bonding event with kids.  Their tiny nimble fingers are perfect for this.  

This cookie is not sweet as no additional sugar is added.  Horlick taste is though not obvious.  I have yet to experiment whether increasing the amount of Horlick will alter the texture.

If you like crunchy cookie, this Horlick Doggie Cookie is for you. 

Yes it is so good, that these were the remaining cookies that were left for this photoshoot.

And here are the final product. Together with my other sister and helper, I think they had a blast putting on the ear, eyes and mouth.


What to need 

180g butter (she recommended Golden Churn) 
80g Horlicks 
100g chocolate chips 
200g top flour (I used cake flour) 
25g cornflour 
25g milk powder 
Koko Krunch 


Sift the flour, cornflour and milk powder. 

Cream the butter and Horlicks for 3 minutes at low speed. Do not overbeat. 

Add the sifted flour and beat for about one minute to form a dough. 

Divide dough into 10g each. 

Embed 3 chocolate chips into each piece of dough and roll into a ball. 

Insert 2 pieces of Koko Krunch to form the ears and 1 chocolate chip as the nose. 

And two chocolate rice for the eyes. 

Bake at 140 °C for about 25 minutes. 

Cool before storing.

Have fun!


  1. The doggie cookies look very cute! I'd love to try these cookies one day.

    1. Ann, they are. Very easy to bring it together. Great kids bonding activity as well.

  2. Definitely cute! I made these some time back and my oldest son enjoyed shaping them too. But no one ate them much, I think because they were used to slightly sweeter cookies.

    1. Luckily for me, my girl don't really fancy too sweet so these are just right. Anyway, my sister and her were fighting over it. hahaha... all gone now. But this recipe does provide good activity.

  3. Great recipe to do with my kids and they can bring them to school for snack time... Trying to cut down on store bought cookies.
    Thanks for the recipe Edith!

    1. Janice, this one has no sugar so can let kids eat as many as possible. Somehow the sweet comes from HOrlick which I believe already sweetened.


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