Saturday, 26 January 2013

Melt in the mouth Pineapple Tart

I have been indecisive as to whether I wanted to bake for the Lunar New Year.

As my parents won't be back for Lunar New Year, that means I don't have to bake for her.  I am not expecting any party this year as my back is still not strong enough to handle big groups.  Thus it seems pointless to bake Lunar New Year goodies.  In the past, we will load up on goodies and after 15 days, left over will be thrown out.  Totally wasteful, don’t you agree?

When my sister's friend came to visit my sister, she bought along some but it was not up to our standard.  It just lack the home made fragrance.  It triggers my craving for that once a year pineapple tarts.  

With that nagging crave, I decided to do it!

Got my dear brother in law (who so kindly) to help me buy the main star of this pineapple tart from Seah Street.  This is the first time I used those whether modification.  I usually "treat" the jam by adding cinnamon stick to give it more fragrant. 

The initial tasting, the jam wasn’t too sweet and not sour.  I didn't have fear that the jam was too hard as it is an enclosed tart but somehow, the feedback was that it lacks that pineapple taste.

As for the crust, I have many fair share of stress.  When they have that melt in the melt texture, it is a nightmare to handle.  When they are easy to handle, the crust is the firm type.

This recipe that I attempted this year is awesome.  It has a melt in the mouth pineapple tart's texture and yet extremely easy to handle.  I am sure this recipe can be done in many design as well.  Thanks Wen's delight for sharing such a great recipe!

I am submitting this post to Chinese New Year Delights 2013 hosted by Nasi Lemak Lover.

Estimated 150 pcs bite sized 

What you need:

460g salted butter - thawed for 15mins before beating
70g castor sugar
2tsp Icing sugar
4 Egg yolks (33-35g)
2tsp Vanilla
680g Top flour (I used Cake flour)
50g Full cream milk (Nespray Everyday full cream milk powder)
1kg Pineapple filling (Ailin's Sarawak pineapple jam) (I used Sun Lik @S$5.50/kg)
2 no Beaten egg for egg wash (remove 1 tbsp of white & add 2 drops of oil)


Preheat oven at 170-180 C. Line the baking tray.

Beat butter, sugar, icing sugar and vanilla for 2 to 3 mins.

Add in egg yolks till well mix.

Add in sifted flour & milk powder by using a spatular. (do not overmix)

Divide the pineapple filling into 6g balls.

Split the dough into 8g and wrap the filling.

Egg wash and bake on the line tray at 170-180°C for 20 mins.

Have fun!


  1. Hi Edith,

    I just notice your new blog! Glad you like the recipe!

    1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipe! This is going to be my master recipe now. hehehe

  2. Hi Edith...I just made some pineapple tarts very first batch of CNY goodies...hopefully wont be the last:P I am so short of time! My tarts are very crumbly....hope I can try your version.

    1. Jeannie, try this. It is very good to the point I make 4 batches out of this recipe!

  3. hi edith, i've never tried making pineapple tarts but would really like to try making them..not for CNY tho:) i shall keep this recipe just in case i need it. thanks a lot!

  4. I want to try!!
    But im lazy to make the pineapple jam. Cant get the precooked ones here...
    Do you know of any short cut method to make the jam with canned pineapples? ;-)

    1. Blend them in the food processor and cook further to reduce it to jam like texture.

  5. Hi Wen,
    I have tried your banana cake recipe and last night, the pineapple tarts. Love it! Thanks!

    1. oops I think you got the wrong blog.


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