Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mixed Vegetable with fungus

Normally hospital food sucks but I was surprised that during my stay, the food was surprisingly good.  I noticed that for every meal, the vegetable always have cloud ear fungus (云耳).

There are two types of black fungus, the Black Fungus 黑木耳 and cloud ear fungus 云耳.  Both have the ability to increase the fluidity of the blood and improving circulation.  Black fungus has anticoagulant properties and is good for lower cholesterol.

I was inspired by one of the dishes that I ate, so I set off to replicate it but unfortunately, I just can’t get hold of cloud ear fungus.  So I replaced it with wood ear which has a crunchy texture rather than soft.

I must ask mommy where to find the cloud ear fungus.  

To finish up my egg whites, I whisked it and added into the broth that I used to cook this Mixed Vegetable with Fungus.  No wastage and taste yummy.

What you need:

Seasonable vegetables
Black fungus
Minced garlic
Fish sauce
1/4 cup of broth


Soak black fungus till soften.  Remove the hard part from the center.  Sliced thin.

With a heated wok, give the fungus a good fry without oil.  Remove

Add a little oil, fry minced garlic till fragrant.  Add in vegetable and give it a good stir.  

Add in black fungus and continue to stir fry into the vegetable.  Add in broth and season with seasoning.  

Cover wok and let it simmer till vegetable is soft.  (if you like crunchy vegetable,don't cook too long)

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