Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Daigakuimo (Sweet potatoes)

I have a very bad habit.  I tend to buy food on impulse, thinking that I will cook or bake with it.  Then I went into this hibernating mode and all is forgotten

I am not sure how to label myself.  I like to plan ahead and yet on occassion, I enjoy the impromptu things that I want to do.  I dislike eating the same food or going to the same old place week after week.  

So my three sweet potatoes have been sitting so ever patiently till now.  I wasn't in the mood to make oneh oneh as hubby is not around and this is not a favourite with my kids.  

Thus I decided to try out Daigakuimo as it looks so easy and irresistable.

Good enough to fill my tummy as snack as I am now on a strict diet and I am feeling hungry always.

What you need:

A drizzle of veg oil
3 med size sweet potatoes
3 tbsp Brown sugar
1 tbsp fine sugar (if you like it sweeter)
a few drops of soya sauce


Wash the potato and trim off the both ends.  If it is thick, cut vertically in half.

Let the potato sit in water, making sure it is fully submerged for around 10 minutes in order to keep its color as it is.

Put the vegetable oil and and sugar in a pan.

Lightly drain the sweet potato wedges.

Drop and spread them in the pan.  Don't wipe off the moisture from the potato
in order to get a soft and fluffy texture inside.

Cover and turn on the burner and steam and fry at medium low heat.

When it starts to make crackling sounds, quickly swirl the pan.

After cooking for 2 minutes, remove the lid and flip over each potato wedge with a pair of chopsticks or tongs.

Re-place the lid and continue steaming and frying for 2 more minutes.

Remove the lid and flip over the wedges to brown the surface evenly.

Reduce the heat if the pan becomes too hot.

Repeat the process until the surface becomes an appealing shade of golden brown.

Pierce the potato with a bamboo skewer. When it's soft enough for the skewer to go through, drop in a few drops of soy sauce.

If you like it crispy on the outside, stir-fry longer at this stage.

Quickly swirl the pan and it is ready to serve.

Serve the Daigakuimo with sprinkle of toasted black sesame seeds.

Just a few drops of soy sauce is enough to bring out the potato's sweetness.

Source: Cooking with dog



  1. hoho! Your description sounds a lot like me .. I love sweet potato in any form but it is not a favorite for my other two folks.

    1. At home, this is only eaten by me. My family like yours. Pity you stay far if not, can share share. hehe

  2. I can resonate with that!! I also left the food until almost expired or sometimes, expired!
    This looks interesting. Wonder how long it needs to cook like that on the stove...
    Thanks for sharing the to share some please? LOL. Just kidding. Looks easy to do. :)

    1. Jane, precisely very heart pain. I just threw away a whole lot of celery. Maid refused to cook it.

      No more liao.

  3. Interesting, Edith! I just had sweet potato in the longest years. What a coincidence! Love the twist to your dish!

    1. Shirley, I love sweet potato and this is my first time trying this recipe and I love it. Easy peasy.


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