Friday, 3 May 2013

Fried Fish Soup with Noodle

I grew up eating plenty of home cooked food.  As my mom is a great cook and my parents were not those that check out new food establishment type, I hardly eat out.  My diet was very much restricted to my own dialect group.

When I started dating my hubby, it opens up my world.  Food like Sting ray, Sambal Lala etc didn’t exist in my cuisine. 

Years ago, before Blanco court was torn down, hubby loved to bring me to this place for their Fried Fish Noodle Soup.

Since then, I really love this but unfortunately many of the stalls out there used tons of MSG and this caused me to have a rash outbreak.  I tried a few times and I know that I have to abstain from it. 

If memory didn't not failed me, this stall actually moved to
Chinatown Square but going there is a nightmare as it is hard to find parking.

Thus, I bought some fish and decided to attempt on my own.  I saw 在找吃的部落格's fried prawn fritter and I wanted to try his recipe.

Verdict: Did encounter some problem as the batter was extremely thick and sticky.  I overcome it by adding water to make it more manageable.  Overall, it is really crispy and nice.

The egg wasn't done correctly as my helper did it in omelette style rather than deep fried.

Overall, still a rather enjoyable meal we had.

What you need:

170g plain flour
30g tapioca flour
5g baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp sugar
60ml oil
120ml cold water (I used much more, add till the batter become manageable, might be good to start at 150ml)


Mix dry ingredients well.  Slowly add in oil and water.  Using a whisk, slowly bring everything together.  

Add more water if the batter is very thick.

Dip fish or prawns and deep fry.


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