Monday, 27 May 2013

Mango Sago Pudding (芒果西米露)

Mangoes are in season and in abundance.  The first round that I bought was quite disappointing.  With the reduced prices and much better looking ones, I just couldn't resist not buying them despite me having a naggy cough for weeks.

A few weeks ago, during my dad's birthday.  At a dim sum restuarant in Chinatown point, our experience with Mango Sago Dessert was a let down.  Not only the quality was horrible, the serving was so tiny and the price was ridiculous as well.  

I think because of our bad experience, thus my girl was asking me to make a batch for tonight dinner.

I have given it as twist by adding some vanilla ice cream to it.  Nothing beats home made as we can decided how much mangoes we can add in.  

Now we are satisfied.

What you need:

600g mango (cubed) (adjust according to your preference)
300g mango flesh (adjust to according to your preference)
400ml mango juice
150g sago (boiled and drained)
5 scoop of vanilla ice cream


Blend mango flesh with mango juice.  Set aside in a big bowl.

Add in cooled sago and blend into the juice.

Add in cubed mango.

Just before serving, add in the vanilla ice cream and stir well.

Note: If too thick, diluted with mango juice.



  1. My husband is going to love this for the dessert!

  2. Oh Yum! I would be satisfied too if served with a bowl of this yummy dessert!

  3. wow, i nvr had these combination of a cold dessert..and with ice cream too! sounds like something i like too!


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