Sunday, 26 May 2013

Vanilla Cupcake

My church is raising fund this period and thus for my contribution, I donated cupcakes.

Its been awhile since I last decorated cupcakes.  As it was many, I didn't want to strain myself doing it.  Thus I opted for a simple design.

It was seriously very tiring to bake the whole morning and having it decorated.  Luckily I have my little one as well as my sister who came over to help.

As for this new Vanilla Cupcake recipe that I am exploring, I really like it and thus wanted to share with you all.

Pardon the remaining of what is left.  I just wanted to show you the texture.

Hope you will like it.

What you need:

200g salted butter
250g castor sugar
5 eggs
300g self raising flour
1 tsp vanilla
60ml milk


Preheat oven to 170 ºC.  Prepared muffin tray.

Cream butter sugar and vanilla till light and fluffy.

Add in eggs, one at a time.

Add in sifted flour, milk and continue to beat till smooth.

Spoon mixture into pan and bake for 20 – 25 mins or till golden brown.


  1. I love the texture, looks so moist and tender and delicious! Your decoration looks very pretty and neat too, much better than what I could do that's for sure lol!

    1. Yes it is a good recipe. Thanks, I wanted to do a better decoration but energy level no longer as good as before.

  2. yes...people like us who seldom do decoration will find it stressful and tiring! hehe..

  3. For the step of "Add in sifted flour, milk and continue to beat till smooth", did you use the electric mixer or hand fold? I always have problem trying to fold in the flour using the spatula. If you used mixer, how long roughly you took, at which speed?

    1. Cynthia, as it was very liquidy, I use a low speed and then increase slowly to give it a good whisk till smooth by the mixer.

  4. I'm making this for a class party. How many cupcakes does this recipe yield?



    1. Rita, for my cupcake size, I think it was around 13 - 14 pcs.


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