Thursday, 6 June 2013

Banana Smoothie

I loaded lots of fruits for this school term break.  Didn't want the kids to snack so much on unhealthy stuff.  

With a growing 11 years old, she is constantly looking for food and I am way to eager to feed her.  Yes I didn't get a chance to feed my grown teen because he was extremely fussy with food during his puberty stage and became so critical that it was a turn off feeding him.  If he chose not to be tall and healthy there isn't much I can do for him despite numerous warning about consuming too much sweets and sugary drinks (yes that is his main diet).  Terrible isn't it?

Anyway, when little one asked for a banana smoothie, I took the opportunity to introduce to her the blender.  

Putting together smoothie is really easy.   For this, we have bananas, milk and since I don't want sugar in it, I added in a little ice cream instead.  Next round, I will add in wheatgerm as I totally forgotten I have it.

Tasted so good on this hot afternoon.

What you need:

3 bananas
3 scoop of ice cream
1/2 cup cold milk


Blintz everything in the blender.  

Serve immediately with ice or without.


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  1. agree, taste good..the last time i made didnt put ice cream..just some milk and yogurt and ice cubes!


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