Friday, 7 June 2013

Mango Trifle

Leftover?   No way.

The other day, I chanced upon a unique recipe while browsing in the library.  Horlick Brownies is what it was published.  I was so intrigued that I went on to borrow the book despite telling myself that I won't have time to explore.  Well you see, I love Horlicks!

Then I went on to bake it.  You know, when they say that we shouldn't bake when we are not in the mood, you must seriously believe it.  Guess what, with not the right frame of mind, I forgotten to add sugar!  Yes, after years and years of baking, such mistake do happened!   

As I used really good quality chocolate, I didn't want to waste it.  Ditched it the whole slab the fridge and thinking how I am going to finish it till I saw my mangoes!  Call me crazy but we have been eating a lot of mangoes lately.   

Bingo, why not make a Mango Trifle with it?  

A failed mission hidden in this little delight that even my son couldn't detect that it!  Yea!

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