Saturday, 8 June 2013

Honeydew Sago (蜜瓜西米露)

When I was young, honeydew was one of my favourite fruit.  You can literally smell the sweetness from the skin.  As I remembered, around my 30s, honeydew suddenly tasted so bland.   It also has this strange after taste that lingers on your taste bud like plastic.   The sweet smelling was no longer there.   I gradually stopped buying it.

All this change while doing grocery this week, we passed by the cart and this sweet smelling lingers in the air.   The honeydews were big, at least bigger than those that I seen in the past years.  Hubby and I decided to give it a try again.  

I was disappointed once again.  Well, the sweet smell was in disguise actually, though the plasticky taste is gone but the blandness of this fruit remains.

Since my little one is crazy over sago, this time round, I went on and turned it into Honeydew Sago (蜜瓜西米露).   I added in gula melaka to sweeten up this dessert.   Hence the dull colour it created on this dessert. 

I think from now onwards, I will still stick to cantaloupe which we prefer anyway.

What you need: 

200g Sago
Gula melaka syrup
½ cup evaporated milk
700g Blended Honey Dew
Honeydew balls (but I cubed it) 


Boil sugar and water until sugar dissolves. Cool it.

Lightly wash sago. Pour sago into a pot of boiling water and cook till almost transparent. Turned off heat and close the cover and let it soak in the hot water until it's completely transparent.

Wash the sago under running water until it's not sticky.

Puree honey dew. Setting aside the honeydew balls.

Mix all the ingredients and served chilled


  1. A perfect summer afternoon tongshui!

    1. Its been terribly hot in Singapore. Anything cold is welcome now.


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