Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Roast Pork (Happy call pan)

Ever since I bought the Happy Call Pan, making Roast Pork was a breeze and it sure makes life so much easier and less messy.  

Through my learning process, I realised that getting a good quality 5 spiced powder makes the difference too.

Thus I rather get my stock from medical hall than supermarket.  

Try it and you will realised that the taste is totally different.

To ensure the skin is crisp.  Make sure your pan is very hot.  Place skin side down and cook till it is brown.  Flip meat over and cook on the lean side and subsequently on the sides.  Then repeat again on skin side and etc till you get a cripsy skin.  My latest attempt on July was just so awesome.

What you need 

1 kg of belly pork
10g of salt (2 level teaspoons of salt)
10g five-spice powder (get a good quality one from medical hall rather than supermarket)


Wash and clean the belly pork.

Rub salt all over the pork and the skin.

Next marinate with the five-spice powder on the meat side only.

Cover with plastic bag and leave it for overnight in the fridge.  I find the flavour intensify with a three days marination.

Heat up the Happy Call Pan.

Place the skin side up and cook on a slow flame till brown.  Take it out and using an ice picker, poke the skin as many holes as you can.

Put it back into the pan again, with skin side down.  Cook till it is crispy.

Turn meat over and  grill the meat part till it is tender.  (cook over slow heat)


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