Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Once I tasted a really good Taiyaki in Korea.  It was so good that I actually regretted not buying more.  It kind of stay in my mind and I couldn't shake it off.

Always wanted to buy a Taiyaki pan so that I can replicate it at home but I didn't know where to get one till MC offered to bring one back from Japan as she and her family is relocating to Singapore.  

Coincidentally, a forum friend buzzed on FB that she spotted the pan in Isetan.  Luckily I was online and able to see this.  Thanks CL for getting it for me.

I took the recipe from Cooking with Dog but I was not too happy with the outcome.  I felt that the baking soda taste is too strong for my liking.

Other than that, it is crispy on the outside and spongy on the inside. 

I shall work on this further, so stay tuned for a better recipe.  

BTW, if you have one, please do share with me.  

What you need:

200g cake flour
8g baking soda (I will see whether I can reduce this to get the same texture)
6 tbsp castor sugar
1 egg
200ml water

Red bean paste


Sift cake flour, baking soda and sugar together.

Beat egg into water.

Pour egg mixture into dry ingredients and whisk till batter is smooth.

Heat tayaki pan and brush some oil into it.

Pour two tablespoon of batter and place filling.  

Add another 1/2 half spoon batter over the filling.

Cover and cook for 4 mins.  Turn and cook the other side for another 3 mins or till brown.

Cool on cooling rack to avoid moisture built up.



  1. Edith, my nieces and nephews liked this very much but I didn't know where to get the mould till you mentioned can get it at Isetan. Tks for sharing.

  2. I'm admiring your picture and I like this as a snack too.


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