Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fried Prawn Paste Chicken drummlet (暇酱鸡)

My kids love 暇酱鸡 and though I don't cook this often as I am not sure of its content but nevertheless this is often requested. 

The last experience we had from a zi char stall was bad.  The chicken came practically tasteless.  I can't blame them as 暇酱 is getting more expensive than before.  Then again, what is new?

What you need 
1.5 tbsp fine shrimp paste 
1 kg chicken wing 
Plain flour for coating


Marinate it over night. 

Deep fried till golden brown. 

Note: Per some enquiry, here is the fine shrimp paste that I used. This paste sometime is also known as prawn paste. This is different from those used in rojak.

More dishes to follow ......


  1. Edith, my family also love this 虾酱鸡very much. For more crispy I like to add a little rice flour with plain flour.

    1. Ann, what is the ratio to plain flour to rice flour?

  2. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com24 July 2013 at 00:06

    Super easy and yummy :)

    1. Yes very easy to cook this at home and a fraction of what you pay outside.


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