Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Stir fry HK Kailan with mushroom

I love HK Kailan and HK Chye Sim (Mustard) but we hardly see these available in the supermarket.  Just as I was telling it to myself, suddenly it appeared.  I was delighted as I do not know how to eat the normal chye sim as the fibre always lodge in my throat and I have a hard time swallowing that.  Strangely my kids took after me on this one.

Today, the shipment was really fresh and I decided to cook stir fry kailan with shitake mushroom as our veggie dish for tonight.  I matched it with mushroom to give it a variety.

I didn’t use oyster sauce as what normally this dish is cooked.  Instead I use fish sauce and it turned out equally okay.

Dessert to follow .....

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