Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Minute Meal

I saw Months of Edible Celebration's post on Hot Dog and one of the item she posted was The Minute Meal.  I knew this will come in handy one day.

You see, my kids love hot dog especially from Johnsonville.  Though I am not a big fan and don't really want to feed this to my kiddos but events like BBQ, it is something that they cannot do without.

I was actually running out of idea what to prepare for the kids' dinner because we were eating spicy main.  I didn't want another pasta dish as we just had meatball pasta last week.

Then I remembered The Minute Meal and asked my kids whether they would like to have that as dinner.  I don't have to say much do I?

Thanks Louise for posting this recipe.

What you need:

8 Johnsonville hot dog (your favourite choice)
3 russet potatoes
grated cheese
salt and pepper


Boiled potatoes till soft, deskinned and mashed.  Season with a dollop of butter and pepper.

Slit hotdog, insert and top it with mashed potatoes.

Grill it till sausage is golden brown and sprinkle with cheese.  Continue to grill till cheese melted and brown.

Serve hot with salad

Other dishes to follow ......

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