Saturday, 24 August 2013

Steamed Mini Pumpkin

I shared half a pumpkin with my mom and didn’t know what to do with it as only I enjoyed pumpkin in the family.  Since I have friends coming over, I wanted to revisit a recipe that I tried out in 2006.

It is nice to have comments from others who tried the recipe and shared it over in my blog, be it good or bad.  After all, the purpose of my blog is to journey down my learning and sharing experiences.  This way, I can learn as well.

Apparently based on the recipe, some tried it and found that the dough was dry.  I didn’t have that issue when I first attempted it.  After reconfirming with Cuisine Paradise that I didn’t make any typo error, I went ahead and this time round, I observed it much more closely.

As my pumpkin was not as wet as before, thus I only needed 240g of flour to form pliable dough to work on.

I also make my own bean paste with red kidney bean as the fillings. 

Now let's hope they will like this Steamed Mini Pumpkin.

Thanks Cuisine Paradise for sharing this recipe.

What you need 

300g pumpkin, cut into small pieces 
250g glutinous rice flour (start off with 200g and proceed on to adjust accordingly)
3 tbsp sugar 
250g - 300g Bean Paste 
20-25 pieces of small pumpkin skin 


Peel pumpkin , cut into pieces and steam until tender.  K
eep a piece of the skin to make stem as I have forgotten about it and had to use clove.

Mash it with a fork while it's still hot then add in sugar and stir till well combine. 

Next mix in glutinous rice flour in 3 batches and knead into a smooth dough.(you might need some extra or lesser glutinous rice flour when kneading, depending on the moisture from the root vegetable) 

Flatten a piece of 30g dough to a round thin disc. 

Put a ball of 20g Red Bean filling at the centre and wrap skin over the filling to seal it completely. 

Roll into a round shape then slight flatten the top a bit and use the back of the knife to carve pattern that resemble the pumpkin. 

Place a tiny pumpkin skin on top and arrange on a foil greased plate. 

Steam over medium heat for 8-10 minutes and set aside. 

Option: You can also flatten it and panfried it till crisp.



  1. Omg!!! Your mini pumpkin is so beautiful and professionally done!!! Thumb up!!!!!!

  2. They look like the real thing! Love the colour!

  3. Love the bright orangey pumpkins. Nicely shape!

  4. The mini pumpkins are so cute! Looks like it's done by a professional!

  5. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.com27 August 2013 at 23:47

    Edith, the colour itself is already killing me!

    1. pumkin always have nice colour. Don't kill, steam some.


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