Sunday, 23 February 2014

Scrambled Egg with Salmon

These days, on a Sunday mornings, I rarely get out of bed early to prepare a full breakfast for the family.

I think I am getting less devoted and I am feeling guilty about it.  While bed reading, I took the idea from one of the recipes in Epicure Jan issue.  

So this morning, I pushed myself out of bed and done a Scrambled egg with salmon for the family.

I made the right choice of adding some sweet watermelon instead of orange juice to clean our palette.  

Now I am at peace with myself. Hahaha.

Serve 4
What you need:

4 croissants
4 slices of Cheddar cheese slice
6 eggs
100ml cream
4 stalk of dill, chopped
salt and pepper to season

3 tbsp butter
200g smoked salmon, sliced


Place cheese slice on top of croissant and bake till cheese melted at 180 deg.

Beat egg and cream together.

Add dill into egg mixture and season with salt and pepper. (take note that some smoke salmon is already salty)

Heat pan and add in butter.

Once butter melted, add in egg mixture and scramble the eggs till it is tender.

Turn off heat and stir in sliced smoked salmon.

Serve hot with the baked croissant and some fruits.

Happy Sunday everyone and let's pray for some rain.  The dust that came alone with the strong wind is giving me allergy problem.



  1. Nice breakfast, Edith. I am also getting lazy and have not cooked a decent breakfast for the family. Feeling guilty.

  2. This looks and sounds lovely, my mum loves this, so will share with her, thanks for sharing...



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