Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Candied Yam 反沙芋

In my household, only hubby and I enjoyed yam.  We are slowly introducing yam to my girl as she is more open to food choices.  As for my boy, he will just refuse it flatly.

I don't really fancy Heng Hwa's cuisine, but one dish that I love is Candied Yam 反沙芋.   As I still have some balance from my Taro and Black Glutinous rice pudding dessert, I wanted to try making this myself.

My mission failed.  I wonder how they make it into such nice shaped.  Also the syrup that coats it is golden and thick whereas my sugar coating crystallized upon cool.  

I strongly believe it has to do with the temperature so I re do another batch.

This time round, it didn't crystallized but the sugar coating was not as thick as it should be.

Well, though I didn't get the texture but the taste is still there.  So I am still a happy woman.

What you need:

300g yam, peel and cut into thick strip.  Washed and drain dry.
100g sugar
50g water


Heat a wok of oil and deep fried yam strip until golden brown.  Strain to remove excess oil.

Pour water and sugar into another pan, bring to a boil.  You will see large bubbles, wait until smaller bubbles appeared.

Add in the deep fried yam strip, toss gently to ensure all yam is coated with syrup.

Remove to cool.  Do not stack.


  1. i first heard of this on some TVB show.. it got me very interested actually. looks easy and nice.. have to try this soon!

  2. When i watch the HK drama, this is something that I always heard where the artists will say they like to eat this 反沙芋 , but I never seen it before but it sounds good to me, looks quite easy to do. I think beside the temperature, is it related to the amount of sugar you add that make it differ from those selling in the restaurant?


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