Monday, 26 May 2014

Hoddoek Premix

Hubby brought home a box of Beksul Hoddoek Premix.   I have done Hoddoek from scratch before and it was easy.  I have never eaten one when I was in Korea so I seriously can't compare between made from scratch, from the premix or from Korea street vendor.

Anyway, it was a challenge putting it together because on the packaging, strangely there were English wordings about the product but not the instruction.   The marketing department really done a poor job considering Korean products is literally global now.

Thus more or less I adopted the method from my first attempted recipe.   From my first attempted recipe, it did have nuts in the filling so I added some walnut to this premix which only comes with sugar and spices.

Though it stated 180ml water but it didn't mentioned about adding any other liquid such as oil.  Thus I omitted it as the dough form nicely without additional liquid.

I didn’t have time to proof the dough until double in volume as we were heading out.

Verdict: Overall, it is good.  Hubby was quick to wallop one before we leave for dinner.  This tasted only good when hot and fresh.

What you need:

1 box of Beksul Hoddoek Premix
170g warm water


Dissolved yeast into warm water.  Let it stand until foamy.

Pour yeast solution into flour solution.

Mixed until you form a dough.   Cling wrap.

Let it proof until double in volume.

Remove and give it a knead or two.  Divide dough into 10 pcs (mine was approx 47g each)

Flatten, and put in fillings and seal.    

Shape it into a ball.  Let it rest for 10 mins.

Heat up pan with oil.

Fry the hoddoek for 1- 2 mins over low flame, flip and flatten with a spatula.  Fry until it turned golden brown and flip over and do the same.

Serve hot.



  1. Looks good! Thanks for sharing, Edith :)

  2. this is something new to me.. but anything flat like that and pan fried , i love!


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