Thursday, 3 July 2014

吉红糕 (2) Red soft cake

After my first try on this 吉红糕, I spotted someone posted another recipe in a FB group (thank you Mabel Tan).  

I was set to try again because for those who ate it before, all liked it.  So I am curious to see whether this recipe will yield something that I like too.

Finding: This recipe is much better than the first one that I tried.   The softness is good.  At least it has some texture of chewiness to it.  I chilled it for a while and it yield cooling effect as per description.  

Now for those who ate this before, please let me know whether this is as close to the real stuff.

Next time, I might try other flavouring for future attempt or even reduce the water to yield a firmer texture.

Latest update: I finally found this.  The texture is chewier than the below recipe.  it doesn't has a cooling effect.  The hint of banana is very mild but it has an artificial taste lingering on your tastebud.

It was selling at S$2/150g, do you think this is expensive?

What you need:

100g tapioca flour 
300g water 
120g fine sugar 
1 tsp banana essence

a few small drop of red colouring


Combine tapioca flour, sugar and water in a pot mixed well and bring it to a boil over low heat.  

Stir in the essence and mix well.

Add colouring.

Stirring constantly until thickened.  Remove from heat.

Spread the dough onto a greased container and steam over hight heat for 10 mins.  Remove and set aside to cool.

Cut cake into bite size and coat with cooked potato flour.

Dust off excess and store in a clean container.  Store in fridge.


To get cooked potato flour, baked it at 200 deg for 5 mins.


  1. thanks for the verdict... always nice to have a comparison of recipes Edith!

    1. Yes and usually I am the lazy one, waiting for others to do the job. :)

  2. Ooo...Edith, this is the one we usually use for prayers. Its more bouncy than the other one cause of the tapioca starch used on it. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Kristy do you know how to make these? I have yet to eat the real stuff but for this recipe, I kind of like it.

    2. So does this recipe calls for tapioca starch instead of tapioca flour? I followed this recipe using tapioca flour and it turned out transparent and jelly-like. And does the "fine sugar" mean powdered sugar or just regular granulated sugar?

    3. Jessica flour and starch are the same. Yes it is translucent texture and soft but it is not hard to handle. Fine sugar is not powdered sugar (icing sugar)

  3. Hi, may I know where did you manage to find the real 吉红s from? Which shop?

    1. Hi I have bought it from Serangoon Central. One of those snack shop near a car park and a bakery.

    2. Thank you! I will look out for it when I pass by :)

    3. usually the provision shop inside the wet market got sell when CNY is coming. occasionally I saw them at Swee Heng bakery shop.


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