Saturday, 22 August 2015

Easy Banana Ice Cream (1 ingredient)

I heard so much about this one ingredient ice cream but never gotten to making it until today.

As I have surplus of banana that I bought for a charity bake, it was a good timing to make some ice cream.  

Since my princess is on diet in preparation for her competition, high fats food were totally eliminated for the past weeks.

So serving this Easy Banana Ice Cream seems like a bonus for all of us on this hot day.

Findings: for 4 bananas, it didn't quite work in my food processor.  So I double the portion and managed to blitz until it is smooth.  Initially, it was crumb like but further blitzing, it turn creamy.

The texture is indeed creamy.  What I like about it is that it doesn't require any cream and sugar yet creamy and sweet on its own.  

Wonderful as diet dessert.

What you need:

8 bananas, ripe


Cut the bananas into cube size and freeze it for a min of 2 hours or more.

Using a food processor, blend the frozen banana, scrapping in between until you get a creamy texture.

You can add in chocolate chips, nutella or peanut butter as variation.

Serve immediately or put it back to the freezer.


  1. Love this.. easy and healthy! and one has the illusion of sweets.

  2. Hi. I used to cut the leftover banana into cube and freeze it. My children love it very much. But today I learn to blend the frozen banana and eat them like ice cream. Thanks for sharing!


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