Friday, 21 August 2015

Cane and water chestnut drink 甘蔗马蹄水

The weather has been so hot lately and many people is failing ill.  My strong hub who hardly fall sick is down with fever.  

To dispel the heat in the body, I bought red cane and water chestnut to make into a drink for him.

The last time I make Cane and water chestnut drink 甘蔗马蹄水
was when my girl was down with chicken pox.  I recalled looking for this red cane so hard in the supermarket and realised that it is only available in the wet market.  

So this time round, it was easy for me to buy them.  The stall vendor is also very nice to shave off the skin as well as chop it into pieces for me. 

I also learnt that buying water chestnut in the supermarket is a bad choice.  4 out of 10 will be rotten.  So lucky for me, today the vegetable shop that I used to frequent has stock up plenty of it.

This drink is very cooling and must not drink it when pregnant.  It is also not ideal for people who is anemic.  

What you need:

2 sticks (approx 395g) red cane 
12 water chestnut
2 litres water
raw sugar or rock sugar (to taste)


Soak water chestnut for 10 mins to loosen up the soil.  Brush off the soil thoroughly.  Rinse well.  Shave off the top and the bottom.

Wash cane and split into halves.  If the vendor didn't shave off the skin, you need to do it.

Place water chest nut and cane with water in a pot.  Bring to a boil.

Turn down heat and let it simmer for 30 mins.  

Add sugar towards the last 5 mins.  

Serve once sugar dissolved or you can served chill.

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