Friday, 1 April 2016

Pig Trotter in Vinegar (猪脚醋)

One of the Thermomix class that I attended was Pig Trotter in Vinegar (猪脚醋).  It was easy to prepare and I was eager to attempt it on my own.

Surprisingly, the ingredient used were really simple and fuss free and yet tasted delicious.

I have been eating alot during my short getaway and I wanted to take this chance to detox.  This dish came at the right time to cleanse my system as vinegar is a natural and effective ingredient to use for cleansing.

What you need:

800g Pork trotter, cut into chunks
30g sesame oil
200g young ginger, skinned and cut into chunks
1.5 litre black vinegar (I used Chan Kong Thye brand)
60g gula melaka
salt to taste


Blanch pork trotter for 10 mins.  Drain and wash clean.

Add sesame oil and ginger into TM bowl and sautee at 100 deg for 7 mins.  spoon speed.

Add pork trotters, gula melaka and black vinegar, enough to cover pork.  Cover and cook for 50 mins on reverse speed 1 at 100 deg

When done, let it simmer for 20 mins or until meat is tender.

Best serve with rice.

Using normal way.

Heat an earthenpot with sesame oil.  Sautee ginger until fragrant.

Add in pork trotters, gula melaka and black vinegar.  Bring to a boil.

Lower heat and let it simmer until meat is tender.

Note: Never cook vinegar in stainless pot or aluminum pot


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  1. Love this dish. I will also include a couple of eggs with the trotters.


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