Saturday 18 June 2016

Ginger and garlic juice

Mom has this respiratory issues for the longest time.  In fact TTSH actually suspected she has TB but the test proved negative.  I think she has been suffering from this for more than 10 years.  Seems like her respiratory is choked with phelgm and I am concern for the amount of antibiotic that she has been taking all these while.  The doctors seem to be only doing this much for her.

During recent illness, I too have this phlegm issues, but lucky for me, after three doses of antibiotic, it went away.

My aunt read from somewhere that drinking this Ginger and garlic juice concoction works and tried it on my uncle who is also suffering from this phelgm issue and it seems to take effect for him.

So today, I am making some for my mom and hopefully it helps her.

Findings: Mom developed ulcer after drinking a few times.  Thus I recommended she reduced the quantity to half.  So far, seems to be okay.

What you need:

620g ginger
1.5 bulb garlic


Skin ginger and cut into small chunks.

Remove skin of garlic.

Using cold press juicer, juice ginger and garlic.

In a pot, bring ginger and garlic juice into a simmer.   Do not boil.

Then let it cool and store in fridge.

Put two tbsp of ginger/garlic mixture into a glass of warm water and drink daily.

Happy weekend.


  1. Manuka honey + Apple Cider Vinegar might help your mom. Monkey Bezoar Powder is another alternative for excessive phlegm.

    1. Thanks EC for the advice! I will let her finish up the ginger and garlic juice first and see whether it helps. Will definitely check out this Monkey Bezoar Powder.


  3. Forgot to indicate that the 2 comments were by me, EC. =)

  4. Thanks for sharing, I just recovered from cough and phlegm too


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