Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bacon with scallop

This was a throw back that I have done last week.

My kids love bacon especially my son so on their birthday, I actually prepared these for them which is their favourite.  They will not touch scallop on its own especially stir fry with vegetable but if I made it this way, they will be readily munching these away.

I was teaching my son how to do this in case next time I am not around, they are still able to cook this for themselves.  This time, I have it pan fried instead of baking it.

It is also extremely easy to prepare and very good for a party I must say.

What you need:

Streaky bacon
Scallop, med to large size, rinse and drain


Pat dry bacon and scallop with a kitchen towel.

Wrap bacon round the scallop.  Making sure end side of the bacon is at the side of the scallop.

Using a toothpick, secure the end.

Heat pan and let the bacon brown in pan.  Turn and continue to brown the other side until crispy.

Remove and drain off oil.


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