Thursday, 15 December 2016

Guava with perserved honey lime

Guava is a fruit that we hardly eat in my family.  Even though I know Guava has many nutrients to it.

It is extraordinarily rich in Vitamin C and good for eyesight as it is a good source of Vitamin A.  Was told that it can also inhibit cancer cell too and serve as a good dietary fibre.  The list goes on and on.

Then again, I don't really fancy guava from Malaysia as I find it bland.  I like those from Taiwan or Vietnam though.  Unfortunately, this fruit is one that my family will never go for it first.

We were blessed with some from Vietnam when we had some guests in town.

So happened that I saw this preserved honey lime while doing my grocery round and I recalled my son got hooked to Guava with preserved honey lime when it was first introduced to him by my mom.

I quickly grab a bag knowing actually how I can encourage my kiddo to eat guava.

Source: Here

After I prepared a bowl, my hub and I were munching on it and hub commented that this can be really addictive.

We polished up a big bowl in no time, so you can guess how yummy this is.

Now I am going to prepare a second bowl for my kiddos tonight.  This time, I am going to double the portion!


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