Sunday, 22 January 2017

Pineapple tart (open face) (3)

I saw a beautiful open face pineapple tart done by one of the FB group member.  Her work is so neat and even that I was so inspired.

Then again, I do not have her patience to crimp the edges so I just did the cut and stamp method.

Findings: Initially I had a tough time roll out the dough and cutting it.  The dough was either too hard or too soft.  And the thickness was also hard to gauge for the mould that I wanted to use.  

In the end, I used the thickest ring gauge to roll out my dough.  Then after, it works like a breeze (of course need to chill the dough).  Thus I suggest dividing the dough into portions and rotate them to maintain the cool dough.  This way, no time is wasted and still maintain the work flow.

Texture wise, it is very fragile when freshly bake and has this stick onto your hand feel.  The handling became much better after 1 day of "rest".  

Taste wise, my family finds it not buttery.  I don't know whether it is because I used President butter instead of Golden Churn.  Also it leans more towards the sweet side.  

I used 6g pineapple jam and it seems it is not enough to fill the crust.  Next round, I will increase this to 8g for this mould.

Overall, this is a relatively easy recipe to handle.  I will reduce the condense milk and to make up for the moisture, will replace with milk or water instead.

Source: Che' Sharina

What you need:
yield: 65 pcs

250g salted butter
1 egg yolk
22g condense milk
300g plain flour 
1 tsp vanilla essence


In a mixer, beat slowly butter, vanilla, milk and egg yolk

Add in flour and on low speed, mix until just combined to form a dough.  Set aside for about 20 mins.

Roll out pastry and form shape using a tart mould.

Add the pineapple ball and press it gently onto the pastry.

Preheat oven to 120°C and bake for 30-35 mins depends on your oven.

Cool on tray for 5-10mins before transferring to cooling rack.

Have a good day.

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