Monday, 7 August 2017

Homemade Calpis (自製可爾必思)

Calpis is a yogurt drink from Japan.  I love the light taste as compared to those from Malaysia but Calpis is rather expensive.  I chance upon a homemade version and try my hand at it.

Making it at home, I am able to control the texture as well as the intensity of the flavour.  Totally love this Homemade Calpis (自製可爾必思)!  From now on, I am going to make this a regular drink at home!  

Such a thirst quencher on this hot humid day!

Findings: For second round, I am going to substitute it with honey to make it healthier.

A great beverage substitute with Vitamin C and loaded with all the good bacteria!  

What you need:

240g greek yogurt
120g castor sugar (can substitute with honey)
400g warm water
1 lemon


Juice and sieve lemon juice.

In a small cup, stir castor sugar into warm water until dissolved.

Mix syrup into greek yogurt and stir until it is smooth.

Add in lemon juice.  Stir to combined.

To serve, add ice and dilute with water according to taste.

Do try it!

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