Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Milk Kefir 牛奶克非尔

I have been fermenting water kefir and kombucha for the family and my friend AL told me that eating fermented food is good for our health.

Then again, pickles and kimchi are not a big thing with my kids so I doubt I will try those.

I read that Milk Kefir 牛奶克非尔 has much more nutrients than water kefir or kombucha and since hub and kiddos all love milk, this will be easy to entice them on this journey.

The first batch of milk kefir grains that was given to me was pretty sour or perhaps I don't know how to do it properly.  It tasted like Greek Yogurt with the tang a notch higher.  I had to blend it into smoothies to fake it so that the kids will drink it but looking at their expression, I knew it is only a short term plan.

Thanks to JT, I was able to acquire another batch of grains (Pulse II) that is supposedly to be milder and sweeter, I was excited once again.  It was good the first few times but subsequently, it did not yield the same result and the results ended up in the bin as it tasted strange and I dare not take the risk.

I was baffled and getting new grains is little difficult for giver and me as we are unable to co-ordinate our schedules.

Thank to WF, I was able to acquire the Pulse II as well as Kerby whick is more stable.  

Once again, I am a happy mom.  My girl was able to even drink it neat after the 2F.  

For those who wants to read up in Chinese, I found someone that explains in this language.  Please click here.

Findings: Maintaining a temp from 22 - 26 deg for 2 days is quite taxing for me as I don't turned on my AC whole day.  

Initially I did a night in an air con room and then maintaining it in a cooler box with ice pack in the day but this method is tricky as something I am out of the house and unable to monitor the temp.

So now, I just let it sit on my counter top for a day and then left it in the fridge for another.  This works much better me and still yield the result that I wanted.

What you need:

3g milk kefir grains
400g fresh milk (I used Meiji Red now)


In a sterlised jar, mix milk kefir grains with the milk.

Set it at room temperature for a day and then transfer to fridge for the 2nd day.  (the milk should curd on the first day).  

For the probiotic to grow, 2 days of resting time is needed for the 1st ferment.

After the 2nd day, in a sterlised jar, using a plastic sieve, strain the milk and stir with a plastic spoon until only the grains are left on the sieve. (these should look like califlowers).

Store the sieved milk back into the fridge for 2 days before consuming.

You can flavoured it with honey, or blend with fruits.

For us, we can drink it neat now.

If you are keen to try and leaving around my area, I can share some of the grains after it grows enough to share.

Happy Birthday Singapore!

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