Thursday, 10 August 2017

Milk Kefir Cream Cheese 克非尔奶油乳酪

We are a big fan of cheese and we nearly love all kinds of cheeses.   Eating cheese is expensive though in Singapore.  Wish they can lower down the prices, then again, we have no cows here. 

I am always curious how cheese are make.  So when I found out that we can make cheese on our own, I jumped onto this idea.

Since I have been cultivating Milk Kefir for the family, this will be ideal time for me to experiment.

I am so happy to know that it is easy to churn and nearly effortless.  

Now let's dig into our homemade Milk Kefir Cream Cheese 克非尔奶油乳酪?  I shall have it served with crackers later.

Findings: The texture is really creamy and just like store bought.  Totally love it.

What you need:

300g Milk Kefir


After the milk kefir went through its second fermentation.

Put a liner into a coffee dripper.  

Pour in the milk kefir and let it drip off the whey.

Note: I place the coffee dripper into a big container and just let it rest in the fridge for a day.

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