Monday, 30 April 2018

Sweeten Red Bean 蜂蜜红豆 (rice cooker)

Red bean is extremely good for health.   It is associated with slower aging, improved heart health, cancer prevention, lower cholesterol, reduced waistlines and increased energy.  (Source)

In TCM, it is very good for women to consume red bean drink or red bean as it can increase blood cell count and control the “dampness” in the body.

Cooking red bean can be really tricky and I have my fair shares of failures.

So here is some pointers for me to note down.

When selecting red bean, it should be a lighter red.  The darker shade meant that it has been on the shelf for long and it is harder to cook or it can never get softened even if you pre soaked.  I learnt that the hard way!

Do the first boil to remove impurities as well as that metallic/bitter taste. 

Always add sugar AFTER the beans are fully cooked and turned soft.  You can never have soft beans if you add before that.  Yes, I learnt that!

Uncooked beans have this bitter taste.

I have tried cooking red bean via direct heat, thermomix and rice cooker.  I have yet to attempt this on the pressure cooker.

So today I shall attempt Sweeten Red Beans on the rice cooker.

Using this rice cooker method, you need not pre-soak or wash the beans so that the beans will stay whole and it is easy to remove impurities as during the boiling stage, the bad beans will float to the top and it is easy to remove that.

What you need:

500g red bean (choose one which is lighter red)
1179ml water (old beans 1278ml)
375g sugar
1 tsp salt

water for rice cooker (400ml + 200ml)  


Add red bean into a pot and add water just 2 cm above water.  Turn on heat.  Give it a stir.  Bring to boil.

Remove all impurities that float up.  Boil for about 2 mins.

Drain and wash.  Throw away the water.

In a pot, add in the beans and water.

In the rice cooker, add in 400ml water.  Cook for 1 hour.

After cooking, do not remove, let it sit for 10 mins.  Fluff it up.

Repeat process with 200ml water in the rice cooker.

Once beans have soften, remove from rice cooker and add in sugar and salt.

Stir until sugar is well mixed with chopstick.

Set aside to cool completely before using or storing.


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