Thursday, 28 June 2018

Sarawakian Butter Milk Bun

My one trip to Kuching was years ago and it was a vague memory as I just had slipped disc surgery and I needed walking stick to walk around.  It was a trip planned with my parents and family before my surgery so I still want to go before I fully recovered.

Come to think about it, it was a right decision as we no longer go on trips with my parents due to their old age.  Thus each memory counts.

So when BA shared this Sarawakian Butter Milk Bun, I was curious to try it because I did not get a chance to eat them.

Findings:  I was afraid that it will be too sweet as I am sharing these with my parents so I reduced the filling proportion.  So if you have a sweet tooth, double the filling proportion.

I don't know whether is it because I am using raw sugar, the filling still has this grainy texture.  So next time, I will pulverised the raw sugar first.

Now that we are used to cooked dough method in making buns so, we prefers a softer texture than this one.

Overall, it is nice when fresh out of the oven.

I would recommend toast it a little before eating.

Thanks BA for sharing.

What you need:
Yield : 12 buns

Butter Milk

100g butter
100g castor sugar
100g cake flour, sifted
15g milk powder


400g bread flour
70g caster sugar
3g salt
1 egg
213g milk
1½ tsp instant yeast
40g butter


Butter Milk

In a pot, melt butter over low heat.

Add sugar & stir until dissolve.  Remove from heat.

Mix in cake flour and milk until mixture is well blended and smooth.  Set aside to cool & mix the mixture a few more times, in between. 

Roll into balls (approx 25g) and chill before using.


In a cup, combine instant yeast and warm milk.  Set aside for 5 mins.

In a mixing bowl, combine bread flour, castor sugar, salt, egg and mix to combine.

Add in yeast mixture and knead to form a rough dough.

Add in butter and knead until reached elastic stage.

Shape into a ball and proof until double in size.

Divide into 12 portions and shape into a ball.

Flatten and wrap in the butter milk filling.  Seal well and shape into a ball.  Let it proof for ½ hour.

Bake for 20-23 minutes at 180°C.


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