Monday, 25 June 2018

Potato Bread

I needed to clear off potatoes and remembering ensaymadas incorporate potato to make it soft, and then I saw this Potato bread recipe that uses pretty good amount of potatoes.

Just the perfect time to experiment with this recipe!

Findings: The dough is sticky and I am glad that I uses the Thermomix to knead and dusting my hands with flour, I was able to shape into a ball before first proof.

I achieved a total weight of 1044g and divide into 25 pcs (42g) to fit into my 10X10" pan.

I shall reduce the custard cream by half as it was way too much for this recipe.  Also I will not use the TM to make this as it turned out rather watery.  I shall use the pot to cook down instead for future attempt.

Overall, I must say this recipe turned out really soft and fluffy.  It stays soft even after 3 days.

What you need:

200g potatoes
70g water
110g milk, room temp
1 tsp instant yeast
70g sugar
1 egg
450g bread flour
40g butter, softened
¼ tsp salt

Custard Cream

150g milk
5g unsalted butter
1/2 tsp vanilla
5g plain flour
7g corn flour
30g sugar
2 yolks

1 egg lightly beaten for glaze



Steam potato until soft.  Blend with 30 water if potato is too dry.
Combine potatoes and water. Cook for 8 mins/100 °C/sp 1.  Blend 30 sec/sp 5 and transfer to bowl.  Rinse TM bowl.

Combine warm milk, instant yeast and sugar and set aside to bloom.
Mix milk, instant yeast and sugar on 1 min 30 sec/37°C/sp 2.

Add in bread flour and egg and knead to form a rough dough.
Add in bread flour and egg.  Knead for 2 mins.

Add in softened butter and continue to knead until elastic.
Add in softened butter and continue to knead for 2 mins.

Lightly floured the work area and remove dough from TM bowl.  Shape into a ball.

Place in oiled bowl and let it proof until double in size (covered).

Punch down and divide dough into 42g each and place in the 10" X 10" baking tray (total 25 buns).

Let it proof until double in size.

Preheat oven to 180°C.

Brush with egg wash and pipe in the custard cream.

Bake for 20 – 25 mins until golden brown. 

Custard Cream

Remove from pan and let it cool completely.

In a pot, melt butter and add in flours.  Mix well.

Add in milk and whisk until smooth.

Pour hot milk mixture into the egg yolks whisking constantly.

Transfer back to pot and continue to cook until it thickens.

Add in vanilla.

Transfer to piping bag and set aside.


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