Monday, 17 January 2022

Ninja Grill Chicken

I was told that Ninja Grill produces juicy roast chicken, got to give this a try.  Here is my Ninja Grill Chicken that I just cook by feeling.


What you need

1 chicken
Garlic powder
cooked quinoa 
cooked chestnut



Rub garlic powder, salt and pepper onto a clean and drain chicken.  Let the marination work for 2 hours.

In a wok, melt the butter and add in the mushroom.  Saute until mushroom is soft.

Add in Insert the quinoa and chestnut.

Season lightly and let the stuffing cool down.

Stuff into the chicken cavity and sew up the hole with kitchen twine.

Bind the feet.

Preheat grill to 180℃.  (air crisp).  Time: 45 mins - 60 mins (depending on the size of the chicken)

Lower the chicken into the bowl, breast side down.

30 mins into baking, turn the chicken half way through.  Insert a skewer into the breast to see doneness.


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