Tuesday 17 January 2023

Perkedel Singkong (Salted Tapioca pancake)

I harvested a lot of tapioca from the garden and wanted to try something new rather than usual.  Spotted this Perkedel Singkong on youtube and went for it.  Instead of a snack, some even treat this as a main dish.

A very interesting combination and flavour and texture.  It is savoury and when eaten fresh, it is crispy on the exterior. 

I have never eaten a savoury tapioca nor know that we can turn tapioca into a savoury dish.  So this is really new to me.  I must say it is pretty addictive!  I believe this will serve as a great finger food for a party.  What is more, it is easy to put together.

Upon more research, Perkedel Singkong can have many types of combinations, like prawns, scallions, spicy and with spices so is up to your imagination and creativity.

What you need:

1 tsp coriander powder
3 pcs kaffir leave
600g tapioca, grated
50g dried shrimp
25g garlic
50g shallots
2 red chilli
salt to taste


Remove stem from kaffir leave and slice finely.

Add kaffir leaves, coriander powder, dried shrimp, garlic, shallots and red chilli into TM bowl.  Grind till fine.

Add in tapioca and continue to blitz to combine.

Season with salt and blitz again.

Shape into small patties and pan-fried with oil until golden.

Serve hot.


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