Monday 13 March 2023

White Fungus with pear sweet soup

Lately, I have been eating lots of white fungus.  Since I stopped exercising three months ago, I feel that my skin condition was not good.  Read that white fungus is one of the items that women at our age should take in more.  Thus, I have been diligent at it. hahaa

Also ever since I came back from Sapa, my throat was not in good form too.  I reckon the high altitude with the cold strong wind got into my respiratory system.  It feels itchy and dry at times.  Eating cooked pears was what I told that will be good for the throat.  

White Fungus with pear sweet soup will be ideal after a hard day of work.  Hubby and I both like it chilled.  So refreshing.

Learnings:  I follow the steps to the T but I was still unable to achieve that thick texture, so I used a hand blender to give it a quick blitz and it works!

What you need:
yield 6 portions

a medium bulb of white fungus
3 pcs pear
a hand full of Chinese almond
2 honey dates
6 red dates

Rock sugar to taste


Soak the white fungus until soften and remove the hard "stem".  Cut into small pieces.

Remove skin and pits from the pear, and cut them into chunks.

Place all ingredients together and boil for 30 mins or until the pear is soft and sweet soup starts to thicken.

Add in rock sugar to taste.  I did not as it was sweet enough for us.


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