Sunday, 21 July 2013

Fried Beef Hor Fun with black bean sauce (豉酱牛河)

We used to frequent a zi char stall that offers really good Fried Beef Hor Fun with black bean sauce (豉酱牛河).  

As we have moved out of that area, we hardly visit them until recently, hubby had the takeaway from there and it turned out to be a disappointment.  

Apparently the previous cook already retired and now a Mainland Chinese cook took over.  I can see that this will be my last time eating from there.  

With still vivid memory of this dish, I attempted it myself.  I concluded that I need to find the right black bean for this dish.  

Mom said that certain black bean is only available in wet markets and I can never find it in supermarket.  

In the meantime, luckily mine didn't turn out too badly.

What you need:

2 pkt of hor fun
3 tbsp of black bean, minced finely
2 tbsp of minced garlic
black sauce 
400g lean beef, sliced (marinate with soya sauce and pepper)
1 capiscum, sliced thinnly
1/2 beef stock


With a very hot wok, add oil and sautee minced garlic and black bean till fragrant.  

Add in hor fun and fried till black bean is well mixed with noodle.

Add in black sauce and beef stock.  Give it a quick stir fry to coat the seasoned stock with noodle.

Add in sliced beef and capiscum.  Mixed well and serve hot.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Awesome cooking, Edith! Always have a bottle of black & brown bean paste in my fridge as they're so useful! Have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. You have a wonderful week too. Yes I always have a bottle of my mom's super duper minced black bean paste.


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