Monday, 14 April 2014

Fish Cakes/Fish Balls

These days it is hard to come by nice fish balls/cakes.  Though it is bouncy, it lacks the taste.   In fact, some tasted so horrible that I felt disgusted putting it in my mouth.

I always had the impression that making fish cake needs special ingredient or skill.  My aunt told me that when I know how to make my own fish balls/cakes, I will never eat any others.  I didn't have the time to go down to her house to see how she does it but she sure makes it sound as if it is really easy.  Plan was shelved until after my daughter’s chaotic tuition schedules.

Then last Sunday, we were dinning with my parents on fish steamboat, my mom told me that it is easy to churn out your own fish balls/cake.  The ingredients are just fish paste, salt and pepper.

Now it definitely got me really curious.  So today I went ahead and make a batch on my own.

Verdict: Though it is not as bouncy as store bought, I was pretty happy on my first attempt.  I should not be so heavy handed on the salt though. 

Shall I say, bye bye to lousy fish balls, I am definitely going to make mine from now on.



  1. Edith
    u r very good make ur own fish ball
    my mum n my sister knew how to make
    but I never learn

    1. Julie, go learn from your mom coz it is priceless and later on you can pass this on to your kids.

  2. Hahaha
    they will teach by verbally
    the result might not that good


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