Tuesday, 22 April 2014


These days I need to find meal on the go for my girl.  Her schedules are crazy and I feel so much for her. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not the kiasu one but it is the tutor and he is doing it especially for my girl thus I can't turn it down.

Anyway, my daughter kept ensuring me that she is coping fine so what else can I do but to support it.

As my girl loves sushi, I decided make Gimbap for her as it is easier for her to eat.

This is my first attempt on Gimbap and I think I need to improve on it.  

The process of making Gimbap as compared to Sushi is more tedious as  need to precook many items.  

All is worth the effort when girl gave a thumbs up it and requested to pack some for recess tomorrow.  

Source: Maangi

What you need: (serves 2-3 : 5 rolls)

5 sheets of seaweed, roasted slightly
4 cups cooked rice (the recipe is here, but make with 2 cups of short grain rice instead of 1 cup)
250g beef skirt steak (or tenderloin, or ground beef)
1 large carrot, cut into matchsticks (about 1 ½ cup)
5 strips of yellow pickled radish (use pre-cut danmuji or cut into 8 inch long strips)
1 bunch spinanch  blanched, rinsed in cold water, and strained
3 eggs
3 garlic cloves
2 teaspoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon brown (or white) sugar
1½ teaspoon salt
2½ tablespoons sesame oil
vegetable oil



Place freshly made rice in a large, shallow bowl.

Gently mix in ½ tsp salt and 2 tsp sesame oil over top with a rice scoop or a wooden spoon.

Let it cool down enough so it’s no longer steaming. Cover and set aside.


Combine the blanched spinach, 2 minced garlic cloves, ½ teaspoon salt, and 2 teaspoons sesame oil in a bowl.

Mix well by hand and put it on a large platter with the sliced yellow pickled radish.


Combine the carrot matchsticks with ¼ tsp salt. Mix well and let it sweat for 5 to 10 minutes.

Heat a pan and add a few drops vegetable oil.

Squeeze out excess water from the carrot, then saute for about 1 minute. Put it on the platter next to the spinach.


Trim the fat from the skirt steaks and slice into ¼ inch wide, 3 to 5 inch strips. Put the strips into a bowl. Add 2 teaspoons soy sauce, 1 minced garlic clove, ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper,1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon brown (or white) sugar, and 2 teaspoons sesame oil.

Mix well by hand.
Set aside, and let them marinate while we do the egg strips.


Crack 3 eggs in a bowl and add ¼ teaspoon salt. Beat it with fork and remove the stringy chalaza.

Drizzle a few drops of oil on a heated 10 to 12 inch non-stick pan. Wipe off the excess with a paper towel so only a thin sheen of oil remains. Turn down the heat to low and pour the egg mixture into the pan. Spread it into a large circle so it fills the pan.

When the bottom of the egg is cooked, flip it over with a spatula. Remove from the heat and let it cook slowly in the hot pan for about 5 minutes, with the ultimate goal of keeping the egg as yellow as possible, and not brown.
Cut it into ½ inch wide strips. Put it next to the spinach on the platter.

Finish steaks:

Heat up a pan over medium high heat and cook the marinated beef, stirring it with a wooden spoon until well cooked.  Set aside.


Place a sheet of seaweed on a bamboo mat with the shiny side down. Evenly spread about ¾ cup of cooked rice over top of it, leaving about 2 inches uncovered on one side of the seaweed (Gim).

Place beef, carrot, yellow pickled radish strip, a few egg strips, and spinach in the center of the rice.

Use both hands to roll the mat (along with gim and rice) over the fillings, so one edge of the rice and gim reaches the opposite edge. This centers the fillings in the roll, so they’ll be nicely in the middle when you slice it.

Grab the mat with both hands and and press it tightly as you continue rolling the gimbap. Push out the mat as you roll, so it doesn’t get wrapped in the gimbap.

Remove the roll from the mat at the end and set the finished roll aside with the seam down, to seal it nicely.

Repeat 4 more times with the remaining ingredients.

Put some sesame oil on the finshed rolls and sprinkle some sesame seeds over top. Cut each roll into ¼ inch bite size pieces with a sharp knife, occasionally wiping it with a wet paper towel or cloth to clean the starch off and to ease cutting.

Put it on a plate and serve immediately or pack it in a lunchbox.

for more details please visit Maangi's website.

I am linking this post to Asian Food Fest : Korea ( April 2014 ) hosted by Feats off feasts



  1. Hi Edith, nice gimbap. I saw maangi's video and yours are just as nicely rolled as hers.


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