Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Coconut Bun

I used the same old recipe as the sausage bun for this as I wanted to try out the coconut fillings.  From now onwards, it is easier to plan bakes that my hubby loves as he is no longer needs to travel.   I am so looking forward to spending my time with him.

So today, I baked some Coconut Bun for him.  I also found the solution to my anti coconut diet.  Getting freshly grated coconut makes a lot difference.  At least, this doesn't stuck in my throat and tickles.

Speaking of these Coconut Buns, these definitely reminded me of those that my aunt recommended in Johore Bahru.  Unfortunately the bakery no longer exist.  Those were to die for but I am glad that this recipe wasn't far from that.

Findings: These are seriously good.  Hubby and I both love it.  

What you need:


200g freshly grated coconut
70g palm sugar
50g water
1 tbsp corn starch and 2 tbsp water


Melt palm sugar with water until sugar dissolved

Add in grated coconut and cook over heat until it becomes dry.

Add in corn starch solution and stir well.

Set aside to cool.


  1. i can never resist a bun with this filling.... sadly we can hardly get freshly grated coconut in beijing....

    1. Victoria, do they have coconut over there. I know you can buy a gadget to grate the coconut.

  2. Coconut always makes me cough. Like you said, fresh grated ones are one notch above the dessicated versions.

    1. This used to be my problem until I discovered FRESHLY grated coconut. Totally different.

  3. Hi Edith , I baked these buns following Amy Beh's recipe. Very good. I made another recently using wholemeal flour and dessicated coconut. Also good. Your hubby is very lucky to have a thoughtful wife.

    1. Thanks for the shout out, I am definitely going to check out yours.


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