Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sarawak Serikaya Cake

I have not been baking Sarawak Serikaya Cake for a long time.  If I am not wrong, already 4 years lapse.  

I seriously don't know how this cake comes about because when I was in Sarawak, no one heard of this cake.  All they can associate with, was that colourful layer cake called Sarawak Lapis.  

Then again, the manufacturer for this browning sauce, which is a key component for this cake, is from there.  

Unfortunately, due to time constraint, I didn't get a chance to visit that shop but the browning sauce can be bought in Anna's Culinary and Sun Lik located at Eunos and Seah Street respectively.

For many years, this recipe was kept a big huge secret as the teacher was conducting this class and no one share this recipe, which is understandable.  

Personally for me, if I can't share the recipe, I won't post my bake to avoid nasty comments.  

What I like for some bloggers, they actually point you to a similar recipe which to me, is ethical and good enough.  

That is what I am doing today.  I happened to stumble onto a blog and managed to copy the recipe to do a comparison but before I had a chance to jot down the link, my computer went bogus again.  Arrghh.  Luckily my blog has auto save mode.

Please don't switch your router to Cisco.  That machine is the most unreliable machine that Starhub used and their technical support sucks.  They NEVER pick up or return your call.  I wonder why Starhub uses them when such bad service.

Anyway, back to this recipe, it is very close to what I know.  

So give this cake a try as this is the closest to the "real stuff", I am sure you will love it and will want to bake more as all my friends and family love it.

Findings: This cake is very moist and soft.  It gives a really nice Horlick smell to it.  The browning sauce also gives this cake a deep intense look as well as taste.

Please DO NOT replace with the Browning Sauce (western brand) as this is totally different in taste.

Source: if you know the author please let me know so that I can give due credit and link back.

What you need:

230g Butter
100g Castor Sugar
5 Eggs (60g each) 


175g Plain Flour (sieved)
1½ tsp Double Action Baking Powder
½ tsp Vanilla Essence

200g Condensed Milk
100g Evaporated Milk
100g Kaya
125g Horlicks
140g Browning Sauce


Lined and greased a 9" square cake tin.

Mix well ingredient (C).

Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy, add in eggs, one by one then add in vanilla essence and flours mix well.

Place in the condensed milk, evaporated milk, kaya, Horlicks and Browning mixture stir evenly.

Pour into prepared cake tin and steam for 1½ hour.



  1. i'd been wanting to make this for eons.. but i really can't find browning sauce.. but i found edith, and am sure you will share some of this lovely cake with me ;)

    1. Vic,if you come by Singapore, you can easily buy this from the above mentioned place.

  2. Hi, how or where can I get the browning sauce. Thanks,

    1. Jennifer I stated in the blog post. It is available in Anna's or Sun Lik's. Please call them before going down to ensure they have stock.

  3. Hi Edith, I've never tried this cake before. Looks really moist and soft. Definitely want to try this recipe for sure. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Wow.. looks really yummy, wish I can have a slice.
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. cut the sugar to about 80g.
    I found the above recipe source from a malay blog..and it tasted exactly same as those in s'wak..typically you get it at pasar malam during ramadhan mth.


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