Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Kaass Stengel (Savoury Cheese Cookie)

A fellow FB follower shared this Kaass Stengel (Savoury Cheese Cookies) recipe and gave a thumbs up for it.  When I saw this, it reminded me of a cheese cookie that I ate from Indonesia.  So I was wondering whether it will be the same thing.

Being a cheese lover family, another recipe with cheese will always be a delight to have and I think these will go so well with a mug of beer.

I have replaced the margarine with butter and thus my dough is a soft.  Thus need to divide the dough into portion to work with.

Findings: The cookie is light and cheesy.  Really love it.  I change the Edam cheese to Grugyere as that is what I have in the fridge.

Adapted from Source

What you need:
yield: 103 pcs

250g cake flour, sifted
180g butter, room temperature
120g Grugyere cheese, grated
1 egg yolk
tsp salt

Egg wash
1 egg yolk
1 tsp milk

Grated cheddar cheese


Preheat your oven to 170°C.  Lined baking sheet.

Sift cake flour and grate the Edam cheese.

In a mixer, beat butter, margarine on medium high speed until pale and smooth.

Add egg yolk and salt and beat for about 10 mins.

Reduce speed to low then add grated edam cheese. Mix until all combined

Using a spatula, fold in sifted flour to the butter mixture in 3 additions.  Fold until just combined.

Wrap the dough with cling wrap and chill it for 15 mins.

Place chilled dough on baking/parchment/wax paper.

Roll out the dough around 1 cm thick.

Cut it with cookie cutter, or desired shapes.

Put them on lined baking tray.

Glaze the top with egg wash

Sprinkle grated cheddar cheese

Bake them for 20-30 minutes or until golden brown.

Cool on tray for 5 mins before transferring to cool on wire rack completely before storing.

Now I have one more item before I finished my CNY cookie list.  What about you?

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