Monday, 18 June 2018

Moringa Egg Roll

Was down at my friend's nearly complete house the other day.   She has this moringa tree that grew outside her gate and due to the construction, they actually hard prune the tree.  I was amazed that under such harsh condition, the tree actually flourish.

To this, it reminded me to harvest the moringa from my garden.  The last harvest, I had done a delicious Moringa Soup but did not have a chance to document nor take a photo.

This plant was a heart pain for me, as it was sick and I had tried many ways to save it.  The trunk was in bad shape and I did not expect it to grow but surprisingly, it gave us two good harvest before I called it quits because I was afraid that it will "infest" the rest of the plants.

Anyway, for this round of harvest, I shall attempt Moringa Egg Roll.

You can read more about the benefits of this green from here.

Since I am not a fan of processed food, I rather take my nutrients direct.

Findings: This is really good to get your kid to eat their greens.  Especially one that is full of nutrients.

Need to work on my rolling to get a more compact egg roll.

Overall, I am glad that my family likes it.


What you need:

6 eggs
1 tbsp plain flour
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
¼ cup of cheddar cheese
60g moringa leaves, remove stem

Butter for cooking


Heat a tsp of oil in a wok, add the moringa leaves and stir fry with a little salt until leaves turn bright green and start to wilt.  Stir fry until the dish is a little dry.  Remove from heat and leaves to cool.

Whisk eggs with flour, salt and pepper. 

Pour enough to cover a preheat well oiled frying pan.  Spread the moringa leaves and top if off with cheddar cheese.

Cover and let it cook on low heat until cheese melts.

Remove and carefully roll it into a roll.

Cut and serve.



  1. So yummy and healthy! Wish I could find fresh moringa over here.

    1. Not easy to root it but once rooted, it is very resilient tree.


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