Friday 29 March 2024

Fried Ikan Bilis with Peanut

Do you know how to get really crispy Fried Ikan Bilis without much effort?  In the past, mine was always soggy after a day or two and it does not really have that crispy bite to the core feel.

I was lucky to meet a chef and she told me the trick.  Though it sounds disgusting I tried it and it works!

What you need:

Ikan Bilis


Heat a tbsp oil for the peanut.  Fry until it sounds light when you toss it and it is ready.

Add enough oil for the ikan bilis.  You will need to throw all the oil out later.

Do not wash the ikan bilis.  Add directly into the hot oil (on low heat) and fry until golden and crispy.

Throw away the oil as it is dirty.

Drain the ikan bilis on a kitchen towel and then transfer them to airtight container.



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